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MPS® Classic Series™ Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Batteries


MPS® Classic Series™ Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries

General Purpose Energy Storage Solution

The MPS Classic series are heavy-duty deep cycle LiFePO4 batteries designed for demanding solar energy applications.


They are perfect drop-in replacement for Group 31, 8D. Their combination of size and capacity fit a variety of applications in marine, RV, camper. Golf cart, and off-grid


MPS Classic Series Product Details

  • 12, 24, and 48V configurations

  • Deep cycle – use 100% capacity

  • Long life – 2,500 times complete discharges with 80%+ capacity remain

  • 0 Maintenance  - no liquid, no chemicals

  • Light weight – 50% lighter than lead-acid

  • Heavy Duty – up to 200A discharging current, fit for high demand inverters

  • Smart Investment – Lower cost per Wh/cycle and longer lifespan than lead acid 

  • Safer – No thermal runaway issues as with other lithium technologies

  • 5 year warranty

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